Kamis, 06 April 2017

Resepi & Cara Buat Ayam Masak Bali

Dah lama last Chicken Cook nak bali ni. But this recipe use 1 chicken. Reef I both with husband je packed timeless motorcyclists kang. NI back home mom I jap same puasa, can lah Cook Chicken Cook bali ni. Cook chicken sekor ni ngam lah nak packed per family.

Chicken Recipes Cook Bali

1ekor chicken
A little bit of turmeric powder (son gaul with chicken)
* A handful of dried Chilli
* Red onions 6 seeds
* Garlic one pumpkin
* 1 inch ginger
* 2 inch belacan
Lemongrass 8 stems (more and more)
6 stalks Curry leaves (wash and tos kan)
Soy sauce
3 tbsp sugar
3 tsp salt

Materials sign (*) tu all wrong blend
Soy sauce, salt with sugar tu indeed be clever-clever adjust

How to cook Chicken Cook Bali:

Clean a cock and peace sure tos huh. Sprinkle turmeric powder and a pinch of salt.

Gaul turmeric powder and salt to well.

This recipe is indeed use lots of onions. Many new delicious onion. Onions 6 seeds. Red onions, not onion ni tau holland. Garlic a pumpkin stem, Lemongrass, 8 leaves a little bit ginger Curry 6 stems.

Onions do not forget to throw away the skin. Remove tebiat lah if not remove skin right. Hehe. Oh belacan don't forget ye. There is a new kick belacan lah. Lemongrass tu do not forget diketuk-ketuk Ramadan kan ye. Ehehe.

The ingredients in the blend.

* A handful of dried Chilli
* Large Red Onion 6 seeds
* Garlic one pumpkin
* 1 inch ginger
* 2 inch belacan

Heat oil per Cup. Oil is indeed a little bit more. Later it wants to use to menumis. Fried chicken WH very crisp images. NAK juicy-juicy je. Sure lift

Fried chicken WH crisp sound. Fried manja-manja coefficient je.

Fried chicken, have depleted oil fried chicken just now tu do not throw away. Proceed right serai.
Lemongrass fried first.
Gorengkan serai until partially Brown.

LEPAs dah fried Lemongrass and Curry leaves, new check-in all th material and blend just now. Stir-fry until rose scent and crisp sound. The purpose of oil more chilli tu tu so that can just Cook and crisp sound. So no amount of abdominal pain when eating. Many oil tu to cation with Lemongrass and Curry leaf tu also.

Can be packed the whole family. If the taste of chicken Cook red entertainer tu tak so. Taste the chicken Cook Bali ni will taste of Lemongrass, Curry leaf, spicy, salty and sweet tu evenly. New lah can feeling-feeling are in Bali. Gitewww.

The key he be clever balance soy sauce, salt and sugar. Malay dish to cook indeed camtu ni lah. Have to know how to adjust. New lah think she umphh. Cook Chicken Cook bali ni I love reason smells very scented. Delicious smell of fragrant Lemongrass and Curry leaf tu.

OK tu je.

Secure a try for Telkom tried:)

Thanks for reading Resepi Ayam Masak Bali